Kitty LitterBowl

We can proudly say the patent pending Kitty LitterBowl is a one-of-a-kind cat waste disposal product and nothing on the market comes close. 

We are faced with disfunctional and uninspired options when purchasing a cat waste management product. We either select the least offensive or affordable traditional litter box or we become so sick of dealing with traditional boxes that we purchase an expensive automated device. We take it home and search for an area in which accommodating this critical pet product will be the least disrupted by its bulky design and the unavoidable messes and bad odor that will follow. 

With Kitty LitterBowl, we wanted an uncomplicated, space-saving, sanitary, eco-friendly, and affordable cat waste management product that we are happy to have in our home.  

The unit used in our product shots and video is the prototype. The final product will be more polished and finished.

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Fits ALL Toilets: fits all conventional toilets.

Saves Space: saves floor space.

Easy to Clean: scoop waste into toilet and flush.

Non-Stick & Antimicrobial: maintain a sanitary and odor-free home.

Premium Quality: designed with durable pet-safe materials.

Eco-friendly: prevents cat litter overflow at landfills.

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Kitty LitterBowl is uniquely constructed to sit on a conventional human toilet of any size, as well as on any flat surface. It has a wide platform and enclosed basin for kitty comfort, and a tall perimeter wall that prevents spills from reaching the floor when cats dig. The simple waste disposal door in the basin provides cat owners with the ability to scoop waste directly into a toilet bowl for flushing without removing Kitty LitterBowl from the toilet, preventing lingering bad odor better than any cat litter box. When it's time for you to use the toilet, remove Kitty LitterBowl and place it on the floor temporarily. 

"This is exactly what I've been looking for. Want one ASAP!" ~ Janet Johnson

"Can’t wait to get one!" ~ Terri Latonik

"I would love to have a Kitty LitterBowl in my home… I too get tired of the cat odor ever day having to bag it and get it out of house. Sure would like to see this product in stores. I know all cat owners would appreciate it. I will be looking in stores for it." ~ Patricia Pyle

"I am interested in purchasing one of your kitty bowls. Please advise as to how I go about this." ~ Bridget Jadwick

"I currently have a 4 kitty family that resides with me in a small 2 bedroom 2 bath apt. I’ve resorted to hiding my boxes in the unused tub in my main bathroom, behind a shower curtain! With 4 fuzzy butts constantly using the potty, I’m sure you can imagine no matter how many times a day I clean it never seems enough to combat odor or the mess! So I’d love to know about how I can purchase your product. It sounds like an awesome product that may be just what I need to fix my litterbox issues!" ~ Brigitte Brooks 

"Hi, I just came across the Kitty Litter Bowl on Instagram. I'm interested in purchasing one, is there anywhere these are available now or can I order directly?" ~ Kari Martens 

"Please let me know when this kitty litter bowl is available for purchase." ~ Wanda Barras 

"Hello. I am interested in this product. How can I order one?" ~ Rachael Devlinn your KLB?” ~ Ken Barkshadt

"We want one for each toilet in our house and an extra one for the RV. This is awesome!" ~ @freshlyfoundvintage

"What is the cost of the kitty litterbowl? I can't find it in any stores. You should sell on Amazon.
What is the shipping cost also?" ~ Heidi Forrest

"Can I buy one from you?" ~ Lea Anne Smith

"I live in Canada. What would the price be approximately?" ~ Maggie Farmer

"Hello, where can I get one of these? Are they available, and how much are they?" ~ Yvonne Turner

"Hi, this is such good product. I would really like to buy one for my two young cats. They will move in with us in two weeks. Thank, you. I hope to hear from you soon!" ~ Grüße aus Deutschland, Myriam

"I watched your demo of the toilet fitted litter receptacle and was very impressed! You've been very thoughtful in the design to think of all cross-contamination scenarios which intrigued me. If you would contact me with information about obtaining one of your products I would appreciate it. Presently I dispose of litter waste with plastic bags, which I understand are not biodegradable. Having the ability to flush is a much better option all around. Thank you for your invention and the possibility of purchasing one." ~ Kathleen Brower

"I need one! Can you send it to Singapore please? Thanks." ~ Siti

"That looks like it's going to be an amazing product. Good luck!" ~ Mariaelena Sanchez

"Where do I get the litter bowl?" ~ Janet Bencini

"We have been full time RVers since Nov 2012. We have a litterbox and are about to use Cat’s Incredible litter… would luv to share our throne with our girls." ~ @oceanluvkitty

"Cool product!" ~ @thenomadicpursuit

"Where do you get this from, and do you use it when you’re out on the road? Possible buying an RV to live in and would love to ask some questions about that and this “kitty toilet”. ~ @sweetbabysteven

"This is an amazing idea!" ~ Rebecca Rehm

"Nice. We’ve always wondered about training cats to use the toilet. This is a good alternative!" ~ @exploringthelocallife

"Love this!" ~ Tina Kashlak Nicolai

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"Where can this be purchased?" ~ Penn Chamb

"What's the cost and how do I get one?" ~ Drew Spangler

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