Kitty LitterBowl saves space, time and money, and ensures peace of mind.

Used in conjunction with earth friendly flushable cat litter, Kitty LitterBowl uniquely solves the issues related to other cat waste disposal systems.

Cat owners will love the insurance of kitty comfort through its wide platform and enclosed basin design, as well as its unique disposal door that minimizes time spent on scooping and cleaning.

Kitty LitterBowl is designed for cats and humans to utilize any given human toilet. When it’s time for a human to use the toilet, they simply move Kitty LitterBowl from the toilet to the floor temporarily.

The durable and kitty comfortable design ensures a quick and stress-free training process for cat owners and their cats. (Cat toilet training is extremely time consuming and stressful, sometimes causes urinary-tract infections in cats, and often ends in failure.) 

Its deep basin allows cats to dig and cover their waste with cat litter and to poop without being frightened by splashes. (The main reasons cat toilet training often ends in failure include a natural feline instinct to cover waste and water splashing when they poop.) 

The u-shaped perimeter wall that extends upwards from Kitty LitterBowl's wide platform prevents cat litter spills. 

An opening in the back of its basin, along with a sliding cover system, deliver a sanitary method for disposing of cat waste without removing Kitty LitterBowl from the toilet.

Kitty LitterBowl is functional on flat surfaces as well as the toilet due to its flat u-shaped perimeter base and sturdy structure.

Cat owners don't have to share toilet seats with their cats since Kitty LitterBowl sits on the toilet rim and fully encapsulates appropriate areas.

The adjacent handgrip openings in the wall allow users to easily move Kitty LitterBowl on and off the toilet.

Its seamless design facilitates a super easy cleaning process. (Toilet training devices have small holes in the base and/or crevices that cause messy and time-consuming cleanup.) 

Kitty LitterBowl saves essential space for cat owners. 

Its flushable cat litter requirement ensures an eco-friendly cat waste disposal solution. 

Easier, and therefore more frequent scooping and flushing, prevents lingering bad odor. 

An opening in the back of its basin, along with a sliding cover system, deliver a sanitary method for disposing of cat waste without removing Kitty LitterBowl from the toilet. 

Kitty LitterBowl is functional on toilets as well as flat surfaces due to its u-shaped perimeter base that extends over the outside of toilets and center basin that fits inside of toilet bowls.




Saves Space!

CONVENIENT!  Scoop Into    Toilet & Flush

Prevents Lingering Bad Odor!


Effortless Cat Training!

Lightweight & Portable 








Designed for use with Eco-Friendly Flushable Cat Litter!


Fits ALL Toilets

Use on Toilet & Floor!



Place Kitty LitterBowl in your bathroom next to the toilet, cover the bottom with flushable litter and place your cat inside of Kitty LitterBowl so they can touch and smell the cat litter a few times. Remove all other litterboxes from your home and keep an eye on your kitty while they learn how to use the new apparatus. Training complete in less than one week!

Training on Floor 


After your cat is comfortable with using Kitty LitterBowl on the floor in your bathroom, move the unit to your toilet - Lift the toilet seat and lid and place Kitty LitterBowl directly on the toilet rim. Place your cat inside of Kitty LitterBowl on the toilet so they can touch and smell the cat litter a few times. BOOM...Your cat uses Kitty LitterBowl just like they use the litter box today.

When you have to use the toilet, scoop any cat waste from Kitty LitterBowl directly to the toilet bowl through the waste disposal door. Then use the adjacent handles on the Kitty LitterBowl to move it from the toilet to the floor, and then from the floor to the toilet when you're done. NOTE: Kitty LitterBowl is also functional on flat surfaces, so you can skip the scooping process.

Move to Toilet 

Bowl to Bowl 







"We want one for each toilet in our house and an extra one for the RV. This is awesome!" ~ FFV