Q. Will Kitty LitterBowl fit my toilet?

A. Yes; Kitty LitterBowl is designed to fit conventional toilets of all sizes, including elongated toilet bowls. NOTE: We cannot guarantee that it will fit composting toilets.


Q. Can I train multiple cats at the same time?

A. Yes; two cats can be trained to use Kitty LitterBowl simultaneously.


Q. How long will it take to toilet train my cat?

A. Due to its welcoming and kitty comfy design, it typically takes less than eight days to train cats on Kitty LitterBowl.


Q. Is my kitten too young to use Kitty LitterBowl?

A. We recommend that cats are at least three months of age and trained to use a litter box before training them to use Kitty LitterBowl.


Q. Is my cat too old to use Kitty LitterBowl?

A. If your cat is healthy and has good litter box habits they can be trained to use Kitty LitterBowl.


Q. Is my cat too heavy to toilet train?

A. If your cat can jump up on the toilet they can be trained to use Kitty LitterBowl.


Q. Can I use Kitty LitterBowl if I have only one bathroom?

A. Absolutely! Kitty LitterBowl was uniquely designed for small living spaces.


Q. Should I train my cat before or after I move?

A. You can train your cat to use Kitty LitterBowl in your current home or your new home. It's lightweight and portable and can even be used when traveling and staying in hotels.


Q. Can I use any type of cat litter?

A. No; you should only use flushable cat litter and Kitty LitterBowl recommends World's Best Cat Litter or other flushable cat litter that's septic-safe.


Q. My cat suffers from health problems. Can they use Kitty LitterBowl?

A. As long as your cat can jump as high as a toilet seat, they can use Kitty LitterBowl.


Q. Where can I purchase Kitty LitterBowl?



Q. Can I e-mail you my success story?

A. Yes! Kitty LitterBowl loves to receive success stories and we’ll feature you on our website and social media pages if you email your story and a photo of your cat(s) using Kitty LitterBowl. Email your success story to kittylitterbowl@gmail.com.


Q. Is there anyone who shouldn't use Kitty LitterBowl?

A. We recommend that cat owners who travel frequently without their cats do not use Kitty LitterBowl.