Roo & Traci Thompson

Fulltime RV living has been a goal of Traci Thompson’s for many years, but one issue gave her pause about this lifestyle change…the “dreaded cat litter box.” Accommodating this critical pet product in her apartment was difficult and frustrating, and she couldn't even imagine enduring the messes and bad odor in a motorhome.

Traci did extensive research specific to the issue, including a failed two-year attempt to toilet train her two Cornish Rex cats, Roo and Spike (unhappy campers), as well as using various top rated litter boxes, only to come away dissatisfied. During her research, she also discovered that over 2,000,000 tons of cat litter (approximately 100,000 truckloads), ends up in U.S. landfills each year!

Knowing what Traci wanted out of a cat waste disposal system, she created her own DIY toilet “litter bowl” by gluing a bowl to the bottom of one of the cat toilet training platforms, cutting a small opening in the back of the bowl, and using flushable cat litter. Traci was thrilled to discover that her DIY toilet litter bowl worked apart from a few kinks. Her idea was on the road to reality! 

Traci created a portable, space-saving and eco-friendly cat litter bowl, and soon realized that other cat owners would love this invention.